Dance Classes

The benefits of dance therapy include: healthy non-verbal outlets for emotions, memory retention and application, muscle strengthening, flexibility, and overall health and endurance.

Dance classes at Backlight incorporate basic aerobic warm-ups and stretching to encourage bodily health and safety with beginner dance moves and combinations in various styles and routines. Students are challenged and progressed according to each one’s personal level with curriculum being designed weekly to meet and focus on the specific needs of the participants. Varying movements are taught through creative learning techniques and individual expression is encouraged and considered in all choreography.

Both group and private dance classes are available through Backlight. Dance program semesters are 4 months long and class size and schedule depends on student enrollment for that semester.

Mid Week Dance Classes

For those interested in more focused dance instruction apart from what is offered on Mondays, mid-week, small group dance classes are offered in a variety of styles. These classes vary in days & times, depending on student interest/availability & take place at Shining Starz Dance Studios

Fill out the form below to be a part of our mid-week dance classes.

*Mid-week dance classes are not a part of our regular Monday arts course.