Interactive Mafia Characters

  • Florence (“Flo”) Abila

Flo is a true gypsy. She loves wearing long, flowy skirts, jewelry that dangles and makes lots of noise, head scarves, and would insist on going barefoot everyone (if the Mayor had not insisted that people of Chicago wear shoes.) Needless to say, Flo is a woman ahead of her time who would have thrived in the 60’s during the Summer of Love. She loves being outdoors and feels very connected to the earth. Recently she has taken an interest in tarot cards and will gladly predict the future to those who would like her to interpret their future. Her voice voice is soft and soothing and she is known to sporadically break into song. Ultimately though, Florence dreams of being part of a great adventure in her lifetime and longs to be apart of a story that is bigger than herself. 

  • Minnie Adler 

Minnie works at Mr. Brotz’s textile factory on 7th and Western. Her husband died last year of Diptheria leaving her to support her 3 children. Her oldest, Martin, works as a delivery boy and her two daughters stay with a neighbor when not attending the local public school. She and her husband used to dream of opening their own shop in town but all their savings were spent for his care when he got ill. They are dirt poor but Minnie works hard to provide for her children and finds joy in the friendship and company of the ladies she works with. She has a chronic cough and sometimes dozes off when not actively engaged in work. 

  • “Bee” 

Nobody knows Bee’s real name. She says she’ll take that to the grave with her. Bee is a hilarious elderly woman. Bee knows no stranger. She is very friendly and everybody in town knows her. If you’re looking for Bee, chances are you’ll find her playing gin rummy at the community center or feeding the pigeons on a bench in Washington Park. When Bee wins (which is often) she wins big but when she loses he’s got a red-hot temper and a fiery tongue that can get her into trouble. Bee loves his collection of brightly colored hats and uses them as a conversation starter whenever she is at a loss for words.

  • Clara Bentley

Clara Bentley has a hundred “best friends”. Always the life of the party, with a smile on her face and endless compliments spilling from her mouth, it is almost impossible for everyone she meets not to fall in love with her. The adoration extends to the stage where she is widely famous for her gripping performances in both theater and dance. Even the most conservative cannot help but question their morals after meeting “the most loveable flapper who has ever graced the stage”. This loveable personae, however, invites many to open up about even the most personal of secrets, leaving many to hope they are safe with this “innocent” little treasure they have so willingly trusted. 

  • Eileen Chu

Eileen is a local seamstress and launderer  who specializes in fine gowns. Eileen is extremely shy and soft spoken and lives at home with her twin sister, Kay, who is too sick to care for herself. Eileen has a good heart and is always known to help out a neighbor (even a man, so long as he doesn’t have to talk to him). She attends all community events and town meetings and is liked by all, mostly because, when she does choose to speak, the entire crowd grows quiet and leans in to listen to her respected opinions. She is typically seen wearing a long coat buttoned to the top (no matter the weather) along with her signature brimmed hat. 

  • Kit Cloverfield

Kit is a young woman whose academic brilliance is unparalleled by nearly everyone she meets. Since childhood, Kit has always dreamed of becoming one of the first female pilots and she is determined to do whatever it takes to get there. Sometime’s Kit’s drive and hard-working nature intimate others. Some may perceive her as an over-acheiver. But what Kit has in “book smarts,” she seems to lack in social skills. She needs a friend in life and someone who will be able to see through her (at first) tough exterior to get to know the woman behind all her books, someone who will encourage to let loose some and have a little fun!  

  • Dorothy Collins

Originally from New Jersey, Dorothy is a journalist, author, and poet. She is currently one of the journalists for the Chicago Times. While Dorothy’s job should be to present the news as the events happened, she has been known to “twist the truth” ever so slightly and rumor has it that you might be able to bribe her into telling a different version. Dorothy wrote the mystery novel Vanished From Sight under the pseudonym “Jackson Sayers” and made it on the Bestseller’s list so perhaps she cannot help her flair for drama because she is just so good at creating it. 

  • Effie Donelson

Effie Donelson loves her children dearly – she just never expected to have so many, especially with a husband in the Navy. She works endlessly to create “the perfect homelife” and never willingly lets on how much she is struggling. She does everything from helping the kids with their school projects and teaching her eldest to drive, to nursing the baby and the sickness that  always seems to plague at least one child at a time. She will always say “yes” to a request for volunteers at the school or their church and has every kid washed and brushed and in the church pews every Sunday. Anyone can see though that she is doing all she can to hold it together but she still doesn’t know when her husband will be able to come home again. So wiith a sweet motherly kindness she welcomes the love and support of those around her (except the judgemental women of the temperance society!).

  • Princess Grace 

The Princess of Andorra (a small, quaint country in Europe). Princess Grace is on visit to America to try and establish a diplomatic partnership with the Mayor of Chicago. But since arriving in the United States, Princess Grace has fallen in love with the American Lifestyle. She is planning on secretly change her identity in order to stay in the country. Since arriving, she has cut her long locks and traded her long locks and crown for a flapper-bob. 

  • Rose Loften

Ms. Rose is the town school teacher. A “warm defender,” Ms. Rose has the ability to be incredibly kind and warm while also demanding the highest quality of work from her students. She leads a classroom that contains students from 1st- 12th grade. While some of her students came to her being unable to read and write, Ms. Rose is determined to prepare these students to be their very best. When she is not teaching, she enjoys gardening and won first prize at the fair last year in the Giant Pumpkin competition. The people of the town are constantly trying set Ms. Rose up with someone but Ms. Rose politely brushes them off and says that, “the children require her time and attention.” 

  • Miriam Lotz 

Miriam started her bed & breakfast 20 years ago with her husband Yosef after immigrating to America. They were never able to have children but Miriam is actively involved in the lives of every Jewish family in town. Yosef passed away four years ago but Miriam has coped with his loss by pouring herself into her work. Miriam takes it upon herself to counsel everyone that comes to her inn whether they want her advice or not. She is stubborn and her primary emotion is passion. Anyone with the courage to oppose her strong viewpoints will be in for a heated debate but Miriam is, above all things, reasonable and able to see all sides of every situation.

  • Edith May 

Edith May is a magician in the kitchen. Edith makes the best desserts in town and everyone knows it. Her most popular recipe, “Edith May’s made from scratch double chocolate chip cookies.” Several members of the town have asked Edith for her recipes but she refuses to let anyone in on her secrets. In fact, she insists on working alone and says that she will, “take the recipes to the grave with her.” Although she runs a tight ship in the kitchen, Edith is incredibly loving and nurturing and functions as the, “town Grandmother” to all the townspeople. When strangers come to town, Edith often opens up the doors of her home and offers them a place to stay and a warm meal. If you ever find yourself in a bind, Edith May is always there to help. Loves to say the phrase, “bless their little pea-pickin’ heart.” 

  • Ruth Medler

Ruth is a typist at the office of Glen Rockwell, stockbroker. She is smart enough to be a broker herself but the lobby is the closest she will ever get in her lifetime. She knows how the system runs and how the game is played and frequently finds herself snapping out of daydreams where she is the one making the calls. She hears all of the inner-workings and her work is highly confidential. Her quiet and conservative nature allows her to slip easily under the radar – a trait to her advantage, as it enables her to hear and read all the transactions/interactions that go on. Her voice is soft and breathy, her lips nervously pursed, and head tilted slightly downward with her eyes gazing up. When asked a question she doesn’t give more than a few words in response but her mind is spinning quite a different narrative.

  • Audrey Moon 

Audrey just moved back into town after nearly forty years. Audrey grew up here (town name?) and still remembers her first love from High School, Dean Woodard. Audrey and Dean won first place at the Jitterbug Competition. Audrey’s family moved to California right after her senior year. Audrey got a job as a bank teller, married Bill- a man who worked for the Railroads. Audrey is the Mother of two children Jane (now 30) and Michael (now 33). While the children were still young, Bill “disappeared” and left Audrey to raise the kids by herself. Her children are everything to her but now that they have grown up and have families of their own, Audrey has returned to the place she was called home to see if there is anything, or perhaps “anyone” still waiting there for her… 

  • Marjerie Mullins

Marjerie Mullins works as a waitress at Kit’s Diner at 5th & Addison in between studying to become a nurse at the local women’s college. She is sweet and shy but genuinely cares for her customers, remembering small details about their lives, and is known to sit and chat over a cup of coffee rather than taking on more tables for extra tips. She is very simple and conservative, often opposing her mother’s regular encouragement to come see her at the salon “for some beneficial improvements”. She volunteers regularly at her church and dreams of someday leaving Chicago to travel to underprivileged countries and serve as a nurse and missionary.

  • Virginia Mullins

A bubbly and social extrovert, Virginia Mullins, loves working as a stylist at the local salon. As a single mom working 6 days a week (that ‘no good rummy’ who left her high and dry after losing it all betting on horse races) , most of her closest “friendships” have been with clients who have been coming to her for years. While everyone encourages her to return to the stage as a singer (something she adamantly restricts to the church pews now), her real focus is seeing her daughter, Marjerie, having “a better life than she had”. This pursuit of transformation is most evident in her ceaseless inquiries of eligible young men in town as well as her diligent entries to cash contests advertised around town and listed in magazines and newspapers. 

  • Daisy Nickels

Wife to Don Nickels. She’s the only one who knows how to keep Don in line and has him wrapped around her finger. But there is deep love there as Don and Daisy were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend at the age of five and they have been together ever since. Daisy is the Town tour guide. She knows everything there is to know about the town of Chicago. Daisy is outspoken, loud, and not afraid to say how she really feels. Can be guilty of ushering people around and guiding them even when she’s not on the clock. 

  • Jeni O’bryan

Jeni runs the local Irish pub and spends her nights (and afternoons, and mornings!) serving drinks to all her regulars. In her younger years she was the “bonniest lass” in town that every boy wanted to court. She ultimately married the boy next door and they traveled the world and built their business together before his untimely death. She never had children and never married again (though every man would still love to fill that role) but she finds much joy and solace in her work, her garden and her art and genuinely loves listening to peoples’ stories and lending her advice – particularly to her beloved niece (daughter of her sister), Caitlin O’Malley.

  • Caitlin O’Malley 

With a head of red hair from her Irish heritage and her face practically covered in freckles, Caitlin feels self-conscious about some of her prominent ethnic physical features and prefers to stay behind the scenes. However, get her on the subject of her 13-year-old, three legged Beagle named, Shamrock, and you won’t be able to shut her up. She helps at her father’s produce shop, managing the inventory but her favorite thing to do is stay late after all the customers have gone and create a beautiful store display. Her life is rather dull and predictable consisting of work, talking with her Aunt Jeni at the local Irish pub, then home to feed and walk Shamrock and water her house plants at her lonely apartment. While quiet on the outside, Caitlin has a wild, creative and vivid imagination (that sometimes bursts forth when provoked) and secretly dreams of moving west where she can start a new uninhibited life of adventure.

  • Lula Plontz 

Lula is currently employed as a local telephone switchboard operator. She is young, smart, fashionable, sassy and chatty – with a humor and wit that makes her the life of every party she attends (which are alot!). She exudes confidence and isn’t afraid to call out liars or stand up to bullies. Lula woos many a man with her beauty and charm and oftentimes uses that to her advantage. She frequents the local speakeasy with her best friend Ruby, stays out late and wakes up early. And, to add some spice to all the hours in between she makes a point to eavesdrop on some of the telephone conversations that come through. 

  • Sister Ida Rosa

Sister Ida Rosa has a tough exterior with a genuine heart. She runs the grade school at St. Francis – a job that frequently has her overwhelmed though she would never admit to it. To Sister Ida Rosa, the world is a very dangerous place, so she craves the security the convent provides and strives to equip her students and staff with all they need to fight the wicked temptation they are inevitably to meet. While students find her intimidating, they know they will receive wise council and sincere consideration when coming to her. The highlight of her week is Saturday night when she indulges in her stash of chocolates and Agatha Christie novels (in another life she would have been a detective!) alone in her room.

  • Doris Shefield 

Doris is the wife of Srgt. Joseph Shefield and mother to Hudson Shefield. They are extremely wealthy and well connected to every political figure in town. Doris is very stoic and aloof and keeps to an extreme inner-circle apart from even the likes of Edna Greenwald and her ladies club. Doris has moved so frequently she prefers not to get too comfortable where she is at or with whom she is surrounded. She is very loyal to her husband-always defending him and never disagreeing with him, except in the case of their youngest son, Hudson. Hudson is the one in which she treasures above all else and does all in her power to manipulate situations to ensure he has the best life possible. Her life’s biggest regret is not being able to keep him from enlisting behind her back…

  • Gladis Starling

Gladis runs the most popular back alley night club in town. While always fashionably dressed at any time of day, she walks with her chin held high despite her questionable reputation in town. She has a hearty laugh and hugs everyone whether or not they are acquainted. She is constantly looking for new talent as well as new customers (particularly wealthy men). While dressed as a starlet, she has a heart of a mother and has adopted everyone who works for her as family. She is fiercely protective and would do anything to “keep her home together”.

  • Connie Tessleton 

While attractive in appearance, don’t be fooled… Connie can be a real terror. As a child, her parents never told her the words, “No,” so why should she begin to learn them now as an adult? Connie ran for head of the Women’s Society Club in town and lost to Edna of all people… Edna was Conne’s arch rival all through school. And Edna always won… “But that’s only because her Grandfather used to be the Mayor” (so she says). Connie harbors a lot of bitterness and is determined to receive the attention and recognition she so deserves. Connie takes refuge in her mink coat collection (Although, Edna claims that they are Faux Furs) and smoking from her long stem cigarette. Perhaps she served as the inspiration for the character of Cruella De Vil. 

  • Ethel Turnbridge

“Votes for Women” was Ethel’s cry and passion for this entire past season of her life. Ethel always knew she was smarter than all the boys in her school class but no one ever took her seriously until now. With a strong-headed will and fiery spirit, Ethel had led the charge and that was only the beginning to what Ethel believes is her calling to bring equality and progress to America. Ethel was never able to have children but her husband, Ed, loves her unconditionally and, while the world may see a firm and strong exterior, Ed still sees and knows the sweet and tender school girl he fell in love with that day in the school yard all those years ago. 

  • Patsy Vick 

Patsy is a true blended American with an interwoven ancestry including anything from German to Native American. This gives her a naturally strong compassion and understanding of anyone from any race and walk of life. She lives on a quiet dairy farm with her husband, Charles (who also pastors the small country church in the area they live), outside of town. She values hard work and strong morals but surprises people with her blunt statements and occasionally vulgar language. She can “talk the hind leg off a horse” so if you come for a visit, you best be prepared to get comfortable and stay for a leisurely meal and a visit!

  • Athena White 

Originally born in England, Athena and her parents immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager. Athena is the housekeeper of the Greenwald family. She is extremely down to earth and often gets frustrated with the shallowness of her wealthy employers. While Athena has been with the Greenwald family for years, she isn’t very bright and can be a  little absent minded at times. In an effort to do “exactly as she is told,” she often misunderstands others and the task at hand. But Athena’s gentle spirit and kindness are some of the reasons why everybody in town loves her. 

  • Kay Whitmore

Young woman in her 20’s. Ran away from home at the age of 16, came to the City, and found that she could earn good money as a singer in local nightclubs so she never finished High School. Pretends to be a “dumb blonde” but has a lot of street smarts and takes in more information than she lets on. The townspeople like to frequently debate whether or not that shade of blonde is in fact her natural hair color or not – the men adore her and the women all talk behind her back. But the world is a stage for Kay and she uses every chance she can get to perform (she is known to randomly break into song at any moment) in hopes that someone will discover her talent and make her famous.

  • Herbert Brotz 

Herbert manages the local textile factory. He has been married for 20 years but still finds the presence of so many women unnerving. He cannot stand confrontation and conflict but is forced to engage in it daily. He often tries to put on a firm front but usually caves pretty quickly after only a little push back. Herbert enjoys acquiring antiques almost as much as he enjoys acquiring useless information – something he shares regularly with people in efforts to make casual conversation. He is content with his life but deep inside is still waiting for the day when he will have the courage to do something noteworthy, make a stand and earn more respect. 

  • Eddie Cafarelli

Eddie is a young Italian bachelor who is a taxi cab driver by trade. His “ma” would love nothing more than to see him married but Eddie’s true loves are sandwiches and gambling – a pastime his grade school teacher Sister Ida Rosa (a nun at St. Francis) would never approve of. Eddie likes to take risks – between fast cars and fast money, his need for thrills is always met. He enjoys talking to everyone who takes a ride in his cab, a habit that has acted in his favor enabling him to become quite knowledgeable on many topics and current affairs. 

  • Dr. Henry Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham  is a famous archeologist and now serves as a professor at the University of Chicago. Dr. Henry teaches courses in both history and philosophy. Henry worked with a team in Egypt and made history when he discovered the entrance to Tutankhamun (King Tut’s) tomb. After locating this famous tomb, he helped to recover several important artifacts (including King Tut’s golden scepter) where they can now be displayed at the local Museum. Dr. Cunningham is highly intelligent and while he has always attracted the attention of women worldwide (the tales of his adventures are simply fascinating!), he remains a confirmed bachelor. When exploring, he never goes anywhere without his signature hat.

  • Uncle Harvey

Uncle Harvey is one of the residents of the Abrams family. The Abrams are an unusual family that reside on the outskirts of town and keep to themselves (they large “keep out” sign on their fence ensures everyone knows). Uncle Harvey is a recluse and stays indoors, causing many tales to be told amongst the local children about the demented happenings that must go on in there. He specializes in training homing pigeons that send messages to and from the town. Uncle Harvey often stoops and drags his feet. And while he may at first appear frightening, he is actually very child-like and has a great sense of humor! 

  • Angelo Impressario 

A world renowned food (and everything else!) critic. His write ups have been known to shut down restaurants all across town as well create such a buzz that lines will be out the door. As a child, Angelo was an aspiring chef. He fell in love with cooking when at the age of five, his Italian Mother taught him how to make Spaghetti Bolognese sauce from scratch. When he didn’t make it into culinary school at, “Le Courdon Blu” he decided to make it his life’s mission to critique the life’s work of other aspiring chefs. Angelo doesn’t have real friends-only those who maintain his acquaintance and invite him to social functions out of fear. At a few years back, Angelo was accused of being part of the mob but denied accusations saying, “he’d have no problem ratting out someone who was guilty.” Since those accusations in the press, Angelo has tended to keep a low profile. 

  • Horace Kaufmann 

Horace is a door-to-door appliance salesman known for his enormous smile full of pearly white teeth and his booming voice that knows only one level. He is extremely animated, exudes happiness and is absolutely impossible to read-how can anyone be that happy all the time?? Children love him because he always has a pocket full of peppermints, housewives love him because he gets to see and hear what goes on behind everyone’s closed doors, but husbands hate him because he never leaves without a sale. What does Horace do in his free time? Where does he live? Who are his friends? No one knows – frankly, because the conversation is always about them until he leaves, cash in pocket.

  • Don Nickles

Think Mr. Potato Head. Don is an older gentlemen in town is known for his zippy one liners and wisecracking jokes. Although he comes across as a pessimist too everybody, he is really just a big softie on the inside and nobody knows this better than his wife of 49 years, Daisy. Don never leaves the house without his top hat. In fact, the townspeople often wonder what is underneath his top hat because they never see him without it (Is Don bald? Is he hiding some great treasure underneath his hat? they wonder…) Don also sports an impressive handlebar mustache that is constantly shaping and grooming back into place.

  • Winston McCullum 

Known to all as “the best dressed man in town”, Winston McCullum has never missed a day of work in his position as the youngest ever Store Manager at Frederiksons Department Store. Winston is meticulously neat and an extreme germophobe – washing his hands after every encounter with his own bar of soap he keeps in a small container in his suit coat pocket. He is ambitious, blunt and aloof, with few friends other than his highly critical mother he lives with and is always trying to make proud. Few things can bring a smile to his face other than a freshly starched and ironed shirt, secretly reading Huckleberry Finn during his required break times, and seeing Marie Mullins every morning before work when picking up his usual bran muffin and earl grey tea. 

  • Theodore Mulligan 

Theodore (“Theo” as his friends call him) is the oldest man in town. On his next birthday, he will be turning 103. He is still fiercely independent and drives a tan colored Rolls Royce that he nicknamed “the Falcon.” The town officials have tried to revoke his license due to Theodore being unable to pass the vision test (even with his bifocals on) but they have been unsuccessful in their efforts because he seems to still just do, “whatever he wants”. Anytime he is questioned, he launches into the most fascinating stories of his past and causes people to forget why they even started talking in the first place. Theodore believes in always carrying an umbrella on him- just in case of run. His favorite pattern is plaid. 

  • Glen Rockwell 

Glen is a stern stock broker who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. He has a fierce intimidating look that makes many people uncomfortable but he uses it to ensure he gets what he wants. He is extremely wealthy – owning various buildings downtown – and immaculately tailored but something dishonest always seems to lie beneath. He would be handsome if he ever smiled but his lack of warmth keeps him from any real meaningful relationship. The only woman he can stand to be around is his typist, Ruth Medler.  

  • Captain (“Cap”) Hank Rogers

Cap is on the Chicago Police Force. Years ago, Cap received the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for putting away the infamous “Kingpen” into the slammer. But that was nearly 10 years ago. Since that time, Cap has failed to catch a single criminal and his job is on the line. Despite the stress and fear of imminent failure constantly floating over his head, Cap maintains a cheerful disposition (even with all those “young bucks” that keep joining the force). Cap takes refuge in the powdered sugar donut holes that can be purchased at Shirley’s Donuts on Main and four cups of black coffee before lunchtime. Recently, he has got into the habit of saying, “I’m sorry” several times and profusely apologizing to everyone. His wife (in addition to the Chief of Police) wish that he would be more assertive. 

  • Leonard Rustonikov 

Leonard, an inventor and certified genius, immigrated here from Russia with his wife and six children with a dream of joining the aviation frontier. He is dirt poor and appearance always disheveled but he is passionate and eager to work hard and share his hope for the future of America with anyone he meets. He currently works as a janitor at University of Chicago even though he is more than qualified to teach as a professor. His english is rocky and accent thick but anyone (not to arrogant to admit it) can see that he is going to be an aerospace pioneer. 

  • Hudson Shefield 

Born and raised in one of the wealthiest families in town, after High School, Hudson chose to continue his schooling in hopes of entering the Medical Profession. But wanting to please his Father (a former decorated soldier) he decided to enlist in the Military after his sophomore year of college. But Hudson is extremely timid and very cautious and is frequently teased, causing him to always assume someone is insulting him or unhappy with his work. Although he has not fared as well on his Physical Fitness exams and does not respond well to the screaming and demands of his Drill Sergeant, he is extremely compassionate and would like to use his knowledge of the medical field to help save people. Perhaps these skills might even come in handy outside the battlefield… 

  • Joe Silver

A man of mystery. Nobody knows from where Joe came from or how long he plans to be in town. He simply showed up one day riding his horse into town. While he may at first appear rough around the edges and in need of a good shave, Joe has a heart of gold. Do not be fooled by his quiet demeanor. This man is brave, fearless, and will stop at nothing to protect the people he loves.  Joe once rode with the Native American hero, Crazy Horse against the United States Federal Government. Together they rode into battle on horseback to protect and preserve the way of life of the Lactowa people. 

  • Tomas Torres 

Tomas Torres is a former bull rider from Spain who now works on a cattle ranch. He was one of the most successful matadors in Madrid. He is energetic and highly entertaining-capturing the attention of everyone around with his dramatic recollections/enactments of past tales. He speaks encouragement to everyone but, he tends to view people the same way he saw the bulls in the ring as “no match for the likes of him.” He left Spain after accusations of the “disappearance” of his former-wife. Although pronounced innocent by the court, he still chose to begin a new life in America. 

  • Dean Woodard 

Late 50’s. The town barber. Knows everything about everyone and then some. But even though Mr. Woodard knows everyone’s dirty little secrets, he would never say anything to anyone about them, that is, unless his family was threatened. While Mr. Woodard never had children of his own, he is the best Uncle around. A fierce supporter of his nephew (Dorian) and niece (Polly), he would do anything for his family. Mr. Woodard has never admitted this to anyone but he is still secretly in love with his High School sweetheart, Audrey Moon. Audrey and Dean won first place at the Jitterbug Competition in town and continued to be dance partners until Audrey and her family moved to California his senior year. Dean still has bookmarked the page of his school yearbook where they were named, “cutest couple.”