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Music & Songwriting

Songwriters unite and let’s write a MUSICAL!! This season, our Backlight musicians/songwriters and our New Works Writers Lab playwrights will be working in stride to write a full musical! We love providing opportunities for artists with IDD to perform musicals at Backlight, but we think its time for there to be a musical written by playwrights and songwriters representing the IDD community as well. Here is how it will work: our students will select a theme/prompt. Then our New Works Writer’s Lab students will build the story and script for the show and commission our Songwriters to write songs to compliment the story. Once put together, we will create the first ever, Backlight Productions original musical that will be performed by both professional & Backlight performers! Music Students will attend

  • Cost: $120/month
  • Classes on Wednesdays – 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • Starts January 3, 2024


Registration closed

Join us in learning songs and/or dance routines in this new glee club rehearsal format. While receiving education in both Music and Movement students will learn material from Holiday classics and at the end of the semester will have the opportunity to participate in one of our city’s most beloved traditions by performing aboard our float performing in the Franklin Kiwanis Christmas Parade!

  • Classes on Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm
  • Beginning 9/6 – Performance on Saturday, 12/2
  • Cost: $120/month

Private Lessons