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Theater Classes

Theater classes are designed to challenge aspiring actors on an individual level. Classes focus on diction, projection, memorization, movement, as well as physical and facial expression. Best of all, theater classes allow actors to work together as a team to produce high quality inclusive productions that they can be proud of and which will bolster their confidence and passion. 

Music Classes

Music classes are instructional in voice, piano, guitar, percussion, and basic music theory. Vocal students receive opportunities to work together in a Glee Club combining song with movement. They then have the opportunity to come together with instrumentalists to form rock bands that both write and record original songs as well as perform at local Nashville music venues. 

Dance Classes

Dance classes strengthen the mobility, stability, coordination and strength of dancers. Backlight dance instructors work to create mature and challenging choreography that suits the ability levels of the dancers involved while also developing their technique. Dancers have the opportunity to learn and perform solos, duos, trios and group numbers in both recitals and competitions.