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Tuition discounts available if you sign up for multiple classes:

2 classes – 5% off

3 classes – 10% off

4 classes – 15% off

New Works Writers Lab

Playwrights unite and let’s write a MUSICAL!! This season, our New Works Writer’s Lab playwrights and our Music Program students will be working in stride to write a full musical! We love providing opportunities for artists with IDD to perform musicals at Backlight, but we think its time for there to be a musical written by playwrights and songwriters representing the IDD community as well. Here is how it will work: our writers will select a theme/prompt. Then our New Works Writer’s Lab students will build the story and script for the show and commission our Songwriters to write songs to compliment the story. Once put together, we will create the first ever, Backlight Productions original musical that will be performed by both professional & Backlight performers!

  • Cost: $120/month
  • Thursdays – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Spring Musical

Registration closed

Our Spring Musical is the most popular experience of all our Backlight classes! This experience gives performers the opportunity to play leading roles in full Broadway musicals, performing as the character they have always dreamed of playing. Roles are split amongst actors so that each student is given only enough as they are personally able to handle and comfortable with trying. This makes the Spring Musical experience perfect for performers of all levels of ability!

  • Classes on Mondays 11am-1pm or 1:30pm-3:30pm
  • Beginning October 2
  • Performances on June 1 & 2, 2024
  • Cost: $140/month

Backlight Comedy Club

Registration closed

Look out SNL! This season, students will be learning all about COMEDY! Learn the fundamentals of Improv that will enable us to grow in confidence, listening & communication skills, and the ability to think on the fly. Backlight Production’s Comedy Club (in partnership with Unscripted + Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville) will allow participants to experience both personal growth and community. This class will include a showcase in which students will share the stage with performing artists from Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville in what is sure to be a night of belly laughs for all!

  • Classes on Thursdays 5pm-7pm
  • Beginning 9/7
  • Performance on Saturday February 3
  • Cost: $120/month