New Works Writer’s Lab

in partnership with Actor’s Alchemy : Scene Study Class7pm @ Mockingbird Theater

1. Love is the Answer by Ana-Lise Wadatz

2. Belan by Ethan Harrell

3. Girls Will Rule the World by Chandler Matclock
[5 minute Intermission]

4. A Dream in New York City by Nila Huddleston

5. The Wolves In Our Heart by Tiffany Adams

6. Just Another Fairy Tale… Or is it? by Alena Dingeldein

Directed by:

Bruce Miller & Melissa Smith

Actors (In alphabetical order (by last name)):

Robert Chambers

Riley Flowers

Judy Jackson

Angela Madaline-Johnson 

Leslie Marberry 

Ani Pareek 

Jordan Scott

Sofia Tosches

Jennifer Vessio 

BACKLIGHT PRODUCTIONS is a theater arts program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that offers quality education in the arts and provides opportunities for students to perform significant roles in integrated performances, allowing them to enhance their social skills through artistic expression and grow in confidence both on and off the stage.

For more information, visit: http://backlightproductions.org